Free Breastfeeding Clinic

Chapman Mills Dental is proud to offer a free walk-in breastfeeding clinic with a board certified lactation consultant

We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring free drop in breastfeeding clinic with a board certified lactation consultant.  The lactation consultant will be available on site to assist with your breastfeeding issues.

When – Every Tuesday starting April 7th, 2015 (except holidays and Christmas)

Time – 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

Where – Chapman Mills Dental –  Please use the south entrance (facing the Loblaws)

You may park either near Loblaws or near the main entrance of the Centre.

This free service will be offered on a first come-first served basis.

Frr more information about frenectomies, visit our new website



Planning on dropping by?

Some points that will help to make your visit as helpful as possible include:

  • Try to arrive near the starting time of the Drop-In so that we can have more time together
  • Try to arrange your baby’s feeding so that your baby will want to eat shortly after you arrive.  Most young babies will feed almost any time!
  • Bring some things for your comfort such as a water bottle and snack.  If you use a special pillow at home, bring it along also
  • Bring a change of clothing for your baby.  Babies tend to poop when they are eating!
  • If you have older children, please try to arrange for a person to care for them at home
  • Bring some notes about your baby’s weight at birth and recently
  • Give some thought to what you would like to address with the Lactation Consultant
  • Bring a buddy, if you wish.  It can really help to have an extra set of eyes, ears and helping hands

We are really looking forward to meeting with you and your baby. 

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