Periodontal Surgery Postoperative Instructions

Please read the following carefully. They will help you to heal quickly & prevent complications.

Periodontal Surgery Postoperative InstructionsDowload Periodontal Surgery
Postoperative Instructions 


Reduce your activity immediately after surgery, but resume as soon as you feel back to normal. Most patients can resume high impact activity within 2-3 days post surgery.


Do not rinse or brush your mouth on the first day! You may begin salt water rinses (8 oz. warm water with 1 tsp. salt) every two (2) hours on the day following surgery. You may also begin brushing your teeth on the day following surgery but avoid the surgical site. Please do not move the periodontal dressing. You may be advised to rinse three (3) times per day for at least thirty (30) seconds each time with Chlorhexidine. The Doctor will inform you on how long to use it for.


Following all types of surgery you can expect some discomfort. Over the counter anti-inflammatories such as Advil, Motrin, and Ibuprofen tend to work the best and can be taken in conjunction with prescribed pain medication. If nausea develops, reduce or eliminate the pain medication and please advise us.


There may be occasional blood stains in the saliva for the first twenty-four hours after the operation. This is not unusual and will correct itself. If there is considerable bleeding beyond this, take a piece of sterile gauze or a tea bag dampened in cold water and form in the shape of a “U”. Hold it between your thumb and index finger, apply it to both sides of the dressing, and hold it under gentle pressure for twenty minutes. Repeat if necessary. Do not remove it during this period to examine.
Under no circumstance should rinsing be used to try to stop the bleeding.


Eat only cold or room temperature soft foods the day of surgery. After the first day, eat whatever is comfortable; stay on a soft, but balanced diet. Avoid hard or chewy foods, especially popcorn.


Dressing (putty like material) is occasionally used to protect the surgery site during the first few days of healing. Some or all of this material may dislodge prior to your first follow-up appointment. There is no need for alarm, this will allow you access to begin gently brushing the surgical site.


If antibiotics are prescribed, take them as directed until they are all gone. If you have an adverse reaction such as itching, nausea, or excessive diarrhea, discontinue the antibiotics and call the office.


You may not smoke following surgeryA minimum of 72 hours is often necessary to stop bleeding.

Please feel free to contact the office is you have any questions at (613) 823-4001. We wish you a speedy recovery and a healthy happy mouth.

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