Frequently Asked Questions

Is Whitening For Me?

Dr. Fayad will evaluate your oral health to determine whether whitening is right for you. In some cases a different cosmetic procedure may better meet your expectations, but whitening is a safe, fast and easy process that is effective for almost anyone. People with very sensitive teeth or pregnant women are recommended not to whiten their teeth.

Are “over-the-counter” teeth whitening products safe?

They are safe in most cases, although these products are not monitored by a dentist and are not as concentrated as the whitening products available in dental offices. Therefore, you may spend more money on the over-the-counter whitening products and not even get the same results you would otherwise with professional strength dentist-dispensed products. Not all stains are the same. Yellow-stained teeth achieve better results than grey-stained teeth. Also, intrinsic (internal) stains are harder to whiten than extrinsic (external) stains. These are all factors that can affect the final result. Therefore, we recommend you whiten your teeth with dentist-dispensed whitening products and under close supervision by a dental professional.

When should I bring my child in for his/her first dental appointment?

We usually suggest 2 years old unless there are any specific concerns or if the child is having any discomfort. We also suggest you bring in your children if they are still bottle-fed to sleep, if they are thumb-suckers or “heavy” pacifier users, or if you have difficulty brushing and/or viewing your child’s teeth. Feel free to call us whenever you have any concerns.

Are there any side effects/dangers to laughing gas?

There are no side effects to laughing gas and it is not dangerous. Not all people can use this type of conscious sedation, however. People with claustrophobia, upper respiratory tract infections, and pregnant patients, patients with difficulty breathing through the nose, and phobic children are advised to not use laughing gas. The effects of laughing gas wear off very quickly once the gas is turned off, and it is safe to drive home after having this type of sedation.

I’d like to come in for an exam but I’m pregnant.
Should I wait until after the baby is born?

Not at all. New research has shown that there is a correlation between the bacteria that cause gum disease and low birth weight and premature birth. Pregnancy hormones make women more susceptible to gingivitis and in fact, pregnant women are advised to have their teeth cleaned and mouth examined more often to keep their gums healthy.

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